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Ponies lost to us but forever in our hearts

Shetland Pony Breed History

In the formation of the British Shetland Pony Stud Book Society in 1890, a big task was undertaken by the many breeders in Shetland and the mainland, and the recording of the pure bred ponies has been kept up ever since. The ancestry of most of the show specimens today traces back to the famous Londonderry Shetland Pony sires. These included: Jack 16; Laird of Noss 20; Lord of the Isles 26; Multum in Parvo 2*; Odin 32; Oman 33; and Prince of Thule 36. All of these Shetland Pony stallions were registered in the first volume of the British Stud Book. The British Stud Book has been opened from time to time for the entry of inspected Shetland Pony mares, but has been closed to all but pedigreed Shetland ponies since December 31st 1969.

Walking C Moondust + C Smokey Quartz

History of the Shetland Pony in Australia

The first Shetland Ponies to be shipped to Australia from the Shetland Isles arrived in 1858. Following the founding of the Shetland Pony Stud Book in Britain, the following Shetlands were imported into Australia in 1911: Whitesox of Knockholt (mare) and Jadestone (filly). A year later Miss Floss of Blyth and Halcyon of Bodiam, a magnificent deep bodied Shetland Pony stallion, arrived in Victoria. Other imported stallions included: Viking of Methven (1921); Blackthorn of Penniwells (1932); Marvel of Earlshall (1930); Dibblitz of Penniwells (1932); White Olaf of Manar (1933); Bell Metal of Mundurno (1935); Gem of Manar (1935); and Vert of Earlshall (1939). Early Shetland studs to be formed in Victoria were: Shetland Heights, Fenwick, Rob Roy and View Bank.

The Shetland Pony is a versatile and hardy pony ideally suited as a reliable and safe child's first pony or as a harness pony for adults to enjoy in competition or simply for pleasure. By nature the Shetland Pony is an intelligent animal, with a natural affinity with children, and if properly educated, will give endless pleasure to ride, drive or just as a companion for both children and adults.


This year has not been a happy one for the stud.  We lost our lovely dun mare Pentland Golden Rapture in a tragic accident and Pentland Blue Boy was humanely laid to rest when his breathing problem escalated in the cold weather.  And finally, just before Christmas, the old man of the Stud, Ashen, was sent peacefully on his way.  All are now resting in the big paddock with Aurora and Razz.


Most photos on the site are by Suzanne of Kayzan Photography.