About Us

Heads Have It

Our first pony was purchased from the Twin Acres Stud of Annette Currie in 2000. Twin Acres Didgeree was a pet for my daughter's 15th birthday and soon became known about our home town as we walked him about the streets as a socializing exercise. One of the frequent comments we received was, "Oh, Shetlands! Nasty, bad tempered little brutes. Would never trust one to not bite or kick." I found that to be a generalization that we needed to rectify, and set out to prove that not all Shetlands are bad, they can only be badly handled.

Since that day we have extended that one small cheeky black mini pony to include four mares, foals, a gelding, plus an old horse, a welsh x pony, and a Dartmoor. All our Shetlands are trusted to walk about the streets, tie up before shops, wait with varying degrees of patience, and so long as people don't put fingers near their mouths (after they have just eaten lunch at a cafe), then there are no bitten fingers. They certainly have never kicked while out walking.

The ponies of Callambene have been photographed for local papers; they have been filmed for television programs; have been involved in street parades and school fetes; and have also done the odd birthday party and walk throughs at our local aged care hostel. Our ponies are part of our family, and though spoilt a little, they are never allowed to misbehave when out and about in public.

Enjoy the following pages. We might see you some day if you are ever passing through Creswick in Central Victoria. If you would like to visit the gang at any time, please phone first, they would be delighted to meet you.


Photo by Suzanne of Kayzan Photography